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Som T Veettil
Som T Veettil
Som T Veettil
Som T Veettil
Som T Veettil
Som T Veettil
Som T Veettil

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Guide to deploy Django application with SSL and Nginx in GCP (google cloud platform) Ubuntu VM (Medium, Nov 2019)

Guide to setup and deploy Django web application with MongoDB in GCP (Google Cloud Platform) (Medium, Nov 2019)

Multi-Class Classification - Save, Load and Run Model (LinkedIn, Sep 2019)

Deep Learning of Sequence with LSTM by using Keras and Tensorflow ("Open Source For You", June 2019)

Accessing Hadoop HDFS Data Using Node.js and the WebHDFS REST API (DZone, Jan 2019)

“Top ten AI tools/frameworks” (DZone - June, 2018. also published in “Open Source For You”, Mar 2018)

Right Attitude + Flexibility = Innovation (LinkedIn, Feb 2017)

If Sky is the Limit, then, How to Reach Pluto? (LinkedIn, Nov 2015)

From OAK to JAVA (javaworld, Dec 2010)

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Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM) – June 2013

Most Valuable Player (Cognizant) – Sep 2012

Associate of the Quarter (Cognizant) – June 2010

Oracle Certified Professional – SQL for Oracle 9i (1Z0-007) – June 2007

IBM Certified Solution Developer for WebSphere portal 5.1 (IBM 399) – Mar 2007

Sun Certified Programmer for Java2 platform 1.4 (310-035) – Feb 2006